Your tired self can be more dangerous than a drunk driver. Chew Jolt. No mid-afternoon crash. Even more important, no car crash.

  • 65% of near miss accidents are caused by drivers and food. Coffee is #1
  • 60% of American drivers have driven drowsy and 37% have fallen asleep while driving!
  • The National Sleep Foundation recommends you take caffeine BEFORE you get tired.

Drowsy Driving causes 100,000 accidents per year. According to pretty much all the research, there are only two things that keep you awake and alive while driving. Sufficient sleep and caffeine. Keep a pack of Jolt Gum in the car where you can see it just in case you need it on your commute or road trip. In fact, for short periods, caffeine is better than sleep.

Here are a couple of steps to help:

Pull over and take a nap. Clearly, this is the smartest thing to do. Research suggests that micronaps – 15-20 minute naps are best. Sleeping for more than 20 minutes actually makes you wake up groggy.

Take caffeine BEFORE you get tired. It’s ok after you start to get tired, but it works even better before. In quick simple summary, there are these tricky little things in your brain called Adenosine receptors. When you get tired, your body produces Adenosine which finds its way to the Adenosine receptors in your brain. Caffeine luckily looks a lot like Adenosine. If you get the caffeine into your body first before you produce the Adenosine, the caffeine blocks the receptors and you… don’t get tired! Caffeine in Gum works better than caffeine in drinks because it’s absorbed faster. – up to 5x faster. So while caffeine does work better taken before drowsiness, chewing a piece or two (or three) of Jolt Gum as soon as you begin to feel drowsy is the next best thing.

Distracted driving and drowsy driving together account for 7,000 deaths and over 500,000 injuries per year! At 55 mph, you’ll travel the length of a football field if you look down at your coffee for phone for even 4.5 seconds. Don’t mess with food or drink in a moving car.

What are the best road trip supplies? Anything that keeps you awake and doesn’t distract you from the road! Pack some Jolt Gum in the car for road trips or your daily commute. It can’t hurt and it really might be a life saver.

Know a man between 16 and 29 who stays out past midnight? He’s more at risk to fall asleep behind the wheel than anyone else.