It's probably not a surprise that we're fans of caffeine here at Jolt Gum.
We highly recommend sleep. It's kinda awesome. But when you're not getting as much sleep as you need, or just feel like you're dragging... then it's Jolt Caffeine-Energy Gum to the rescue.
Most caffeine fans know caffeine helps keep you awake and find it makes them feel more alive. But for those times when you know you've got an "A game" but just can't find it, consider us your own personal "A game" Sherlock.

Did you know caffeine also...

Contrary to popular myth, in moderate quantities, it’s not a diuretic.

You Choose your Boost!

Got a centrifuge handy? Neither do we. But we know people who do. And they let us play with it. Hey, one of the great things about running a giant international company (or even ours) is that there are a whole host of scientists, laboratory technicians, shamans, and flavor technologists standing at the ready to help us if we pay them. Here’s what we can tell you about Jolt Gum:

Jolt Gum approximately equals the energy/alertness boost of the following:

  • 1 "ordinary" cola

  • 1 "red" syrupy drinks

  • 1 cup of coffee

  • 1 1/2 cups of tea

  • 1 1/2 limey drinks

  • 1 energy shot