Supporting the troops

“I cannot count the times that I've been exhausted after a mission only to learn we had another one to go out on in an hour. During times like that I pop a few pieces of Jolt Gum and instantly feel energized, alert mentally focused, and ready to go.” – Adam C. FOB Falcon

In the military, being alert and aware isn't optional. We're here to help.

And not just with alertness. 7% of sales of Jolt Yellow Ribbon Packs are donated to Wounded Warriors. Plus, all orders going to an APO or FPO get free shipping.

  • Who wants slow energy? Jolt Gum's patented technology gives you energy up to 5x faster than drinks.

  • Improves reaction time and endurance

  • Doesn't fill you up with liquid - and fewer pit stops.

  • Light, so it won't add to your pack.

  • No refrigeration required. Tastes good whether you're stationed in a 110° desert or a minus 20° arctic zone.

Read more about Jolt about Jolt and our "adopt-a-unit program